Day 14 - probably could’ve been more productive


Day 13 - ribcage bodice, humongous wings, and papier mache Diego.

Day 12 - even more fun with cardboard (including adventures in bin rummaging)


Day 11 - After spending the day researching your assigned artist (Diego Rivera) begin experimenting with cardboard for the Cardboard Catwalk project. 

Weekend work

Social experiments as follow up of alternate image making project. 

One pair of scissors “to be cut out by two individuals using one pair of scissors” and the other “to be cut out by a blindfolded participant with the help of the verbal instructions of a friend”


Day 9 - painting with alternate materials. 

Slade school of art open day

Day 8 - experiments with charcoal and different types of mark making. 

Alternative image making - weekend project: Draw a household object using non of the standard art materials. Think about negative space, shadows and movement.